About Us

Assure is a Regulatory Technology (RegTech) company led by Audrey Glenn, a telecom lawyer, a regulatory professional, and a recognized expert with more than 20 years of experience practicing in the field. Ms. Glenn has worked with several of the established tax compliance firms and had a direct understanding of the entire tax compliance process. Ms. Glenn’s knowledge coupled with TekFriday’s in-house team of developers, programmers, back-office staff, and tech industry experts, Assure offers its unique and innovative tax platform – TeleTRAC.

TeleTRAC is a full-service regulatory technology solution built on the best practices of ISO and CMMI. It solves tax & regulatory compliance issues at reduced costs and time and streamlines your tax compliance process in line with the FCC requirements.

FEC Telecom for Tax Remittance & Compliance

Our solutions can help companies with :

  • Tax compliance management
  • Regulatory management
  • Risk management
  • Data management
  • Tax reporting management
  • Records management and many other aspects of regulatory compliance

Assure offers a comprehensive set of solutions in a bundled package called Compliance Management Suite. Our suite includes innovative software solutions, groundbreaking automation tools, customized solutions, and consultancy.

We offer technology-based solutions in the following areas of telecommunications regulatory compliance :

  • Licensing & Registration
  • Telecom Taxation
  • FCC Forms 499
  • FCC Compliance (CPNI, Form 477)

Our compliance intelligence platform helps businesses in streamlining compliance monitoring, managing activities, handling regulatory changes, tracking, documenting, and much more.

For the best telecom tax remittance & compliance technology and cutting-edge automated tools, call us (202) 935-0035.

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