Unique Telecom Tax Platform – TeleTRAC

TeleTRAC - Innovative Tax Platform

TeleTRAC helps you navigate the labyrinth of telecom tax by automating tax compliance and remittance

Benefit from Our Technology & Expertise

Gain from the in-depth regulatory & taxation knowledge of our compliance experts and team of proven professionals that built the first compliance and remittance application in the country

Benefit from Assure Telecom Tax Technology & Expertise
Why Should You Choose Us

Why Should You Choose Us?

Select us to streamline your tax compliance and remittance with unmatched efficiency and pricing

Who We Are?

We are a team of highly experienced compliance experts and regtech professionals offering telecom tax remittance and other compliance services to our clients. TeleTRAC, our innovative application, allows us to offer this service with unmatched pricing and efficiency!

Who Are We?

Simple and Straightforward Process

Assure Telecom Tax  on bording process

Create a (new) client profile for the client in the TeleTRAC platform with all the information required for telecom tax remittance and compliance: (499A) Filer Id, regulated products and services offered, access to a monthly file of invoiced transactions.

Assure Telecom Tax  on bording process

Assure’s team will upload the file of monthly invoiced transactions into TeleTRAC & produce the client’s Monthly Remittance Dashboard (MRD). MRD provides details of remittance amounts, payment status & can be accessed through the client portal or emailed.

Assure Telecom Tax  on bording process

Client reviews Monthly Remittance Dashboard & authorizes remittance payments which Assure will execute through TeleTRAC’s electronic data exchange (EDI), or manually if the treasury (taxing authority) doesn’t support electronic data exchange.

Assure Telecom Tax  on bording process

Assure will use TeleTRAC in the data collection, preparation of required annual, semi-annual, quarterly filings (Form 449 A&Q, Form 477), with minimal time & resources from the client. We will be there for our clients to support them throughout the process.

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